About REM4: Readiness and Emergency Management Experts, Everywhere, Every Time, Everybody

REM4 is a business that specializes in readiness and emergency management solutions. The company provides planning, direction, organizing, control and feedback of your Emergency Operating Plan using online and mobile devices. We do more than just computerize binders. REM4 is the Emergency Planning Expert. From Preparedness through Recovery, everywhere, every time, for every one. Visit our website at www.rem4.net.

REM4 believes that every employee should have the capability to access emergency operation plans at any time. All too often when an event occurs the employee does not have access to the Emergency Management Binder. What is needed is an Emergency Management initiative designed for the individual employee to carry their emergency plan in either a smart phone or iPad like device impervious to loss of internet or cellular access.

That’s what we provide!  Accessibility to preparedness for all participants, to ensure safety in your workforce.

Kali Rapp, REM4 Blog Editor: Kali attends the Disaster Resilience Leadership Studies Master of Science program at Tulane University in New Orleans. She currently focuses on disaster risk reduction as a long-term resilience and capacity building tool for increased stability in vulnerable populations.

Do you have any questions or want us to discuss a subject in your field? Drop us a note!


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